The CBC only publishes racial slurs against the race who overwhelmingly funds them

Today Small Dead Animals posted a story about Red Indians doing the shit that Red Indians so often do: try to bilk productive white people out of the spoils of their labours.

The main thrust of the CBC story by "investigative reporter" Geoff Leo is regarding Red Indians jacking up the leasing fees (before the lease expiration) in order to either generate more revenue or drive the renters away and leave behind their infrastructure improvements. It's a really really shitty story, but that's not what I'm here to talk about.

As an en passant in the story it talks about how the Indian Reservation at Crooked Lake (no, srsly!) recently had an election fight over who would be Big Chief No Fart. The winner was a disgusting piece of shit named Lynn Acoose who was behind this dickhead move. She beat a much more moderate candidate named...oh, wait, sorry, I'm being told over my earbud that in fact she was the moderate candidate. She beat an even more batshit insane Red Indian named Lyle Acoose.

This was apparently an election issue, and Lyle Acoose had something to say about it.

One of her competitors, Lyle Acoose, argued the leases should be ended outright.

He raised concerns about the fact the cottages are mostly occupied by "moonias," a Plains Cree term for white people.

"We had a settlement down there; now it's all moonias down there," Lyle Acoose said in an August 2017 election speech in Regina.
McScuze me? So this candidate was letting loose with racial slurs on the campaign trail and it's just a bit of local colour to deal with the outraged tenant issue as far as the CBC is concerned. At no point was "racial slur" or "racist comment" used in this story. You may notice that "moonias" is often repeated in the CBC story.

So let's look at a different recent CBC story involving racial slurs: a high school bball coach in Dartmouth (ie. Halifax) got called a nigger. Or, in this case, as the CBC calls it...
Lance Sparks, who is African-Nova Scotian, was dropping off supplies at the school Thursday night when a parent pointed out the slur, n----r, on the hood of his car in what appeared to be purple marker or lipstick.
So when the racial slur is against a black guy [or at least a one quarter black guy to look at him... -ed] the CBC will edit the word out of their story and even censor it in the picture. However, when the racial slur is against whites who have dared to make a Red Indian community better, CBC prints it multiple times.

The author who published the racial slurs on the CBC website can be reached at geoff.leo@cbc.ca

You can also file a complaint against Geoff Leo with the CBC Ombudsman at http://www.ombudsman.cbc.radio-canada.ca/en/contact-us/.

. You might notice that the two choices were apparently Lynn Acoose and Lyle Acoose. For all the fears about George W. Bush's brother and William Jefferson Clinton's fake wife being the two choices Americans could have faced in 2016, that doesn't compare to which flavour of incompetent Acoose the Crooked Lake Indian Reserve apparently gets to chooce from. Regular readers of this site may recall that previously we uncovered another Red Indian family that was defrauding white taxpayers as some sort of grim family bonding exercise. At least the Twin Acooses here are just thieves, while the Mitsuing clan in Loon Lake made it rich while little boys burned to death due to their corruption.