Turnabout (Intruder) is Fair Play

I've been listening to the Pensky Podcasts discussing Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Earlier this year they reviewed "The Outcast" and I have posted a YouTube comment regarding the episode:

I'm gonna go with a -1 and say that I wish this episode didn't exist. Not only would I never watch it again, I was very uncomfortable while I watched the whole thing, and I think their treatment of it, while not overtly rage-worthy, it adds to the normalization of sodomy and the Homo Agenda that I find very pervasive in our society and I think that if things like this that sort of water down the sexual perversions than the repercussions of this kind of act, the act of you choosing an illegitimate lifestyle...I wish it didn't exist, I would never watch it again, and I wish they hadn't made it.

Where did I borrow that vicious invective from? Easy, from this earlier video in which one of the commenters used the same language to attack "rape culture" (which, as we all know, isn't really a problem).