Justin's traitorous defence policies

Rat Bastard 2.0's evil government knows a lot about "gender-neutral national anthems", but not much about anything important.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s cabinet reportedly discussed the issue last week, and while no formal decision was taken, one top-level official said: “They have made up their minds and are working on the right narrative to support it.”

Rather than a full replacement of the air force’s aging CF-18 fighter fleet, it’s believed the purchase will be labelled an interim measure to fill what Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan has warned is a pending “gap” in Canada’s military capabilities.

The Liberals promised during the election campaign not to buy the F-35 to replace the CF-18s. But the government has been struggling with how to fulfill that promise for fear any attempt to exclude the stealth fighter from a competition will result in a multi-billion-dollar lawsuit, according to one senior Defence Department official.
Justin's retarded government is discovering that in the real world -- that mythical realm that he and his social-justice-warrior MPs know nothing about -- formal agreements are binding, and that there are consequences to actions. You can't just agree to something and then decide when far-left weenies worry about that natural order of things (to wit: Muslims murdering other Muslims) to negate the agreement you've already made.

More importantly (for their Ottawashed lifestyles), they're finding that every now and then the press calls them out on their endless lies and bullshit.
Liberal suggestions that Canada’s CF-18s are on their last legs appear to have come out of nowhere, after the previous Conservative government announced in 2014 that it was upgrading the CF-18s so they could continue to operate through 2025. That $400-million initiative was intended to buy the government time to make the right decision on a replacement.

It's something that the notorious anti-military and anti-international treaty Liberal Party is going to have to get used to. They are already seeing the impacts of bad choices in military procurement first-hand, and are starting to get the dim idea that maybe their far-left mindset isn't up to the task of revamping a defense procurement system that is still keeping Canada from meeting its NATO commitments. (Similarly, a retarded Mongloid might get a similar sense when looking at a chalkboard full of complicated mathematical equations, but I don't know if Shiny Pony's cabinet is quite at that mental level yet)