Special guest column: Stephen Notley on how to endure the NDP

Earlier this month, Alberta fell into darkness as Edmonton's second most offensive politician, Rachel Arab (née Notley), took over to become Alberta's Premier with her ridiculous NDP party at her side. It's going to be a long and painful five years. Fortunately, as today's guest column from Rachel's brother Stephen tells us, things aren't necessarily as bad as they seem..

Some Reasons Not to Slit Your Wrists

It's been a pretty depressing couple of weeks, Wednesday May 6th particularly, a fog of defeat and despair that made it seem there could never be anything good again. But Thursday was better, we had a chilly but fresh-smelling afternoon, and the mind settles a bit. Here's a few thoughts that calmed me, at least.

It's all on Notley now

One of the galling things about another Prentice term is that it would have allowed socialists who repeat their pattern of moving into an area, screwing everything up and then walking away blaming their predecessor as somebody else cleans up the mess (ie. Wall, Bradley). Now it's all gonna come down to them: the Redford/Notley combination of far-left lunacy in Alberta and they're going to be holding the ball when the shit *really* goes down. I gotta admit, I'm looking forward to seeing that.

It's still a pig

They say you can dress up a pig but it's still a pig. This government is a big fat ugly pig, and though this election will slap a ton of makeup and fresh shiny lipstick on it, at the end of the night when the makeup's worn off just like a Hallowe'en costume, it's still gonna be a pig. I'm sure the media will capitulate completely and assume that every issue of the Stelmach-Redford era is now dead, but socialists are so retardedly incompetent they're gonna start generating new disasters almost immediately and things are gonna start looking bad again with no election campaign to distract everyone.

Redford won her election in a landslide

She was in charge of an unpopular "past-its-prime" government, people hated her and protested her, and she won anyway. She praised the "modern progressive Alberta". Not long after that she overreached, acted like the spoiled princess women in power not named Thatcher tend to get, and got booted out on her ear in humiliating fashion. Could happen again. Tougher, true, with the pro-NDP bias in the mainstream media and devoted legions of easily-swayed unionists to protest any opposition, but anything can happen.