Norway's false flag operation

Tragedy in Norway today as a gunman combined with a bomb attack has killed at least 80 people. So far indications are that a "far-right" extremist named Anders Breivik is responsible, though there are some reasons to doubt this.

Still, when it was still quite possibly a Muslim attack, far-left liberal/coward Glenn Greenwald couldn't stop mentioning how it may be a reaction to Norway's "war record", or maybe their oilsands involvement. Since it turned out to be a white guy, crickets. Can't we write, in the aftermath of this attack, that the Norwegian government and its support for income redistribution and sodomy has understandably caught the ire of disadvantaged individuals?

Will Keith Ellison lecture us on "misconceptions" about right-wingers, as he has routinely done regarding Muslims post-9/11?

Will we hear about how this attack was a "false flag", as mentioned in the post title, whereby far-left ideologues in the Norwegian government come up with a scheme to keep down their political opponents and foster their big-government dreams in an age of fiscal austerity? In fact, let's look at the 5 steps as mentioned in that post:

  1. Hire intellectuals in academia and enlist think tanks to invent new enemies. Check.
  2. Hire journalists to pump the press with fabricated stories and lies to hype the dangerous new enemy. Check.
  3. Stage a big false flag attack like 9/11. Done.
  4. Get government agents and conspirators behind the 9/11 plot on television news stations immediately after the attacks to blame the enemies who were previously hyped in the press for the deed. Wait and see, part 1.
  5. Construct a big popular myth about how and why the 9/11 attacks happened and who was responsible. Keep an eye on the comments.

Also to keep an eye for: the complete absence of the Jack Laytons, President Monkeys, and high ranking officials in the Norwegian Labour Party jumping up to proudly proclaim that conservative political philosophy is inherently peaceful. I won't hold my breath though.