Michael Ignatieff, about to turn 63 years old, has never heard of politics before

"Just 24 hours ago, the prime minister was saying he had confidence in this minister, and now 24 hours later -- boom, she's gone," Ignatieff said Friday, about a half-hour after Harper's announcement about Guergis' resignation. "It raises questions about the prime minister's judgment."

How else, other than the title of this post, is one supposed to interpret this bizarre statement? Prime Ministers always always always have complete confidence in their ministers up to the precise millisecond that such confidence evaporates.

It's called not selling out your colleagues without a damned good reason, Michael, and I think every person who dreams of one day becoming a Liberal Member of Parliament with the aim of Prime Minister Ignatieff inviting you to join his cabinet should be extremely frightened about this. Does this mean if you're a hard working Liberal MP, he will ditch confidence in you at the slightest whim? The first unfriendly story in the Toronto Star? [well, in theory...the Toronto Starhas never had an unfriendly story about a Liberal politician since the printing press was invented. -ed]

Either Ignatieff is the most fair-weather friend in the history of the Liberal Party of Canada, or he simply doesn't know the proper public stance Prime Ministers are supposed to have. In any case, its proof that Stephen Harper will still be Prime Minister in 2013, as previously predicted.