You're joking, I know it: Notley doesn't do comedy anymore

Yes, that's right, believe it or not: a recent Bob the Angry Flower cartoon was funny.

I mean, lets face it, ever since he broke his rule about "not getting political" in his strips, the son of the famous NDP loner has been almost univerally dreadful. In his pink-tinged world, the world has never seen a more horrific villain than Bush/Cheney and the Oil For Food scandal never happened (only in the BtAF universe would Kofi Annan ever be a hero, for example).

But, oddly enough, a strip of his from a couple months ago actually made me laugh out loud. So kudos on that one. Also, except for a description of his archive referring to Bush, the President's name does not occur on his main page anymore, with only the smallest smattering complaints of a guy who hangs around with too many hippies on trips to Edmonton. (Between his presence and Andy Dick's, its a wonder anybody risks lining up at Black Dog)

Bonus Notley Note #1: I have once passed him on the street, and twice been mistaken for him at the bar. We don't even look alike. What's up with that?

Bonus Notley Note #2: My new laptop came with 3 free plays of "Bookworm Adventures", the game that finally drove him over to Seattle. What name did I give myself to play? Notley is a Commie. Great fun.