Maybe the Obamacare bill landed on his head?

Harry Reid, the U.S. Democrat who is retiring after losing his Senate majority, has been blinded after an apparent exercising accident.

Brietbart has used photos of his new home to analyze the likelihood of Reid's story. Let's just say it isn't pretty.

Second, the distance from the handle of the glass shower door to the edge of the bathroom cabinets that extend several feet on either side of the door appears to be 3 feet in width at best.

That distance is simply insufficient to conduct resistance band exercises. Resistance bands have very little, if any, tension at a distance of 3 feet.
Is there more to this story? Possibly, possibly it's a silly go-nowhere tale and Reid's account is more or less accurate.

Of course, if that's true it's very curious that routine freedom-of-information requests are being blocked by Reid's office and the Capitol Police (who aren't supposed to be able to block it).