The Soviet-Greco Pact

Harry Truman is accused of losing China (while, oddly, Lyndon Johnson is never accused of losing Vietnam).

Likewise, President Monkey will likely not be blamed for losing Greece, which appears to be running into Mother Russia's waiting arms.

Mr Tsipras received a warm welcome in Moscow, which has seen its ties with the EU strained over Russia's actions in the Ukraine conflict.

There had been growing speculation before his visit that Greece would use its relationship with Russia to strengthen its hand in dealings with the EU.

In an apparent response to the speculation, Mr Tsipras said: "Greece is a sovereign state with an indisputable right to its own foreign policy."

He also called for an end to the "vicious cycle of sanctions" imposed on Russia by the EU over its role in Ukraine.

European Parliament President Martin Schulz had said before Mr Tsipras' visit that he should not break with the EU line on sanctions.
A lot of this "Greece going over to Russia" is just talk: partly because of sanctions and partly because of the world drop in oil prices, Russia is out of money in a way that makes Alberta look like child's play. They certainly aren't in a position to bail Greece out of it's woes like Germany has done in the past (or, more sinister-ly, like China has done with Portugal).

Still, the fact that Russia can help Greece out (if not through direct cash transfers at least with mutually beneficial trade deals) certainly reduces the ability of the European Union to exert political pressure on the Russians as they invade their neighbours. It also means that Greece is, at least for now, a little more insulated from the effects of their disasterous welfare state. No more burning bank employees this year! Just tens of thousands of Ukranians falling under Putin's grasp, and who the hell can get that worked up from something bad happening to those people. [note: the author has been guilty of this as well, by the way, so don't expect particularly strong criticism. -ed]

As is typical under President Monkey's leadership, a foreign affairs disaster for the State Department like Greece siding against him is water under the bridge: he's a far-left politician in America, and the Europeans love that.

Even while their freedoms perish. At least some things are the same both foreign and domestic.