Well, I said last week's #LoseAllHonourForConnor update would be the last one, but that's before miracle of miracles occurred and the Oilers actually won the draft lottery.

Yes, I did drink the delicious high-test tequila to celebrate. Where I grumbled that I didn't watermark my image.

However, draft McDavid we will. So start queuing up the "Connor McDavid isn't really that good after all" thinkpieces.

Crosby himself, who at 27 is a better player than he was at 18, scored just 84 points in 2014-15; he tallied 102 as a rookie in 2005-06. He won the Hart Trophy a season ago with a 104-point effort that basically matched his rookie scoring totals.

Putting it another way, Crosby’s 84 points ranked third in the NHL in 2014-15. His 102 points in 2005-06 ranked sixth in the league.

McDavid’s a brilliant prospect and potentially a generational talent, the kind of player who stacks up reasonably well even against a phenom like Crosby. The problem is that he’s entering a lower-scoring league, and expectations need to be adjusted to account for that.
Also be on the lookout for "even though the new CBA makes it impossible McDavid might refuse to report to the Oilers articles.