It's not "Islamophobia" when the derka derkas really are trying to kill you

As you may know, an Alberta election is underway. Will godless socialists form government and/or opposition? Will Jim Prentice be the PC leader who finally breaks that hallowed "PCs look in trouble at the time of the election call and then handily win a majority" streak? Will voters remember their distaste of Danielle Smith/Alison Redford/Raj Sherman in the ballot box?

It's funny how politics moves. Okay, not funny "ha ha" more funny "far left media pushes it's sick agenda", but you get my drift.

Last night I posted this article about the Wildrose pie fiasco. I'd started writing it on Friday morning but hadn't had a chance to finish it up until after the weekend and the Monday work rush.

In it, I referenced this tweet with this statement:
(hint, guys, when the Queen of Simplistic Outrage Memes thinks you're out to lunch, you're out to lunch)
What happened between Friday morning and today? Well, over the weekend the Queen of Simplistic Outrage Memes came out with a new outrage meme: Graham Fletcher, "Islamaphobic" PC Campaign Manager.
Graham Fletcher was campaign manager for Edmonton-McClung and constituency association president.

In a tweet Monday, the Alberta PC Party said it had accepted Fletcher’s resignation, adding “there is no place for these views in our party.”

What "views" are those, precisely? Global News seemed fixated on Fletcher's comment that Muslims are putting "their big offended foot into the middle of every damn thing out there?" as a first offense. I disagree with Fletcher on this one: having been to a Muslim country trying to buy shoes, I can attest that the rejection of Jesus and the devotion child-raping Satanic prophet Muhammed has left the people with painfully small feet. Painful, that is, when you're forced to buy new shoes on short notice and they're too small and still the biggest they have and still $100 even after you've talked them down from their ridiculous $350. Beyond that, though, Global decides to just put the comment out there without looking into it. (Longtime readers know that Global news has a far-left bias and isn't interested in discussing facts). Had Global looked into it, they may have discovered Muslims declaring a fatwa on Burger King for a chocolate swirl, a prominent Saudi cleric banning snowmen since it might resemble Mohammed, arranging to get Toronto street performers jailed for criticizing Islam in public or British politicians arrested for quoting Winston Churchill. Global may have picked up on Oxford University Press discouraging references to pork products in childrens books or Muslim Costco employees refusing to touch pork or Muslim bus drivers refusing to permit seeing-eye dogs on board.

Okay, so those are all relatively minor news stories, it's perhaps forgivable that Global couldn't be bothered to learn about them. But do you think maybe they should know that British author Salman Rushdie has lived under death threats for publishing a goddamned book that Muslims were offended by? Or if like most good liberals they ignore anything done before 1997, how about people getting killed over riots because of Danish cartoons? Especially since several of the cartoons were actually faked by Muslims to deliberately cause outrage. Wait, isn't that what Fletcher was talking about? Finally, how callous of Global News to not mention the newest violent outburst where their own lot, journalists, were slaughtered by Muslims because they dared to criticize a religion founded on Mohammed, a fake prophet who worships Satan the enemy of the one true Lord. The blood on the Charlie Hebdo floor has barely dried, and Global throws it down the memory hole rather than possibly bring up some of the events Fletcher's tweet -- which, of course, is completely accurate -- references.

What else has Fletcher been attacked for saying? In reference to the silly #illridewithyou campaign (slogan: even sillier than "Meet a Muslim Family) he says
@troyesivan #illridewithyou multiculturalism does not work. Secular western rule of law, equality, success, work, works just great
That rat-bastard-Trudeau multiculturalism does not work is an ideat that didn't originate with Fletcher. Like so many of you, the first time I read that I thought of the immortal line of James C. Bennett:
Democracy, Immigration, Multiculturalism -- Pick Any Two
Canada has, for better or worse, signed on to the first two tenets, and unless Alberta takes control of her own immigration system to keep the population homogenous there's not a lot of chance of either of them changing anytime soon. So we're left to discard the third. Again, if liberals are so enamoured with "multiculturalism" then they are free to tell us which of the other two can go by the wayside. I know which gets my vote (pun intended). So far we're 0/2 in "debunking" evil things said by Graham Fletcher.

Global News included two (unreadable until you zoom to 300% on your browser) screenshots of Fletcher's tweets, including "Hey Muslim lady - great to hear you will be outing anyone in your mosque who starts spouting anti-infidel, anti-jewish crap" (aren't we in favour of this?) and "Death toll of Peshawar attack: 135 including one teacher who was burnt alive and her students were made to watch" (which is also true). He also said "First thing we do: Close and demolish any mosque that preachers, or supports, violence. JUst do it." (in other words, rather aggressively enforcing Section 319(2) and ignoring Section 319(3) of the Criminal Code). If you want to admonish him for picking which aspect to enforce and ignore, fair enough, but remember that such a choice has already been explicitly created right there in the legislation. Trying to make heads or tails out of legal schizophrenia is hardly a new phenomenon and a weird thing to be upset over. He also comments on Howard Dean's loopy declaration that Muslim terrorists aren't really Muslims even though they scream "Allahu Akhbar" as they kill. He asks if Justin Trudeau will sign onto this same line of thinking. And this is the outrageous behaviour? Seriously?

All of it adds up to this curious term, this "Islamophobic", which apparently is called an irrational fear that the Mohammedans are invading your country, demanding sweeping changes to accomodate their backwards culture, and commit violent terrorist acts against us. So what exactly is so irrational about being fearful about that? And who said Fletcher was even being fearful? Wouldn't you describe his attitude as being more "concerned"? Again, is there anything irrational about being concerned about some pretty goddamned concerning things?

Fletcher did end up resigning, and removed his Twitter account, but fortunately not before taking some solid digs at the ludicrous leftists who objected to what he said.
It appears my remarks that I detest those who would implement Sharia Law and dehumanizing head wear is characterized as Islamaphopic. Silly
[hey at least we have a new spelling for the word! -ed]

The attacks on those deluded anti-anti-anti-anti-somethingism feminists is nothing new, but it's nice to see that Fletcher at the very least goes down with a swing. Tragically, however, he did go down. And that's wrong.

The responses to him are even more wrong: first from the Alberta PCs who say that anybody who opposes a barbaric anti-freedom culture has "no place" in the party. Wait, what? Sticking up for ancient practices of freedom and liberty have no place in the modern PC party? Well, at least that explains their failure to endorse Shayne Saskiw's motion to support the fundamental rights of Albertans to speak out against evil. The PC party is on the side of evil.

Not sure what the excuse is then for Wildrose candidate Saqib Raja, who called the comments "deeply offensive". He then said that Wildrose "respects the religious beliefs of all Albertans" which, of course, isn't true.

But, hey, maybe that's an act of self-preservation. After all, if there's anything this week has taught us during the Alberta Election campaign, it's that the far-left media like Global News pounces on you the first time you say anything true.