Media conceal evidence of extreme leftist bias

Below is the comment (first post!) I posted to the Edmonton SUN story about Metro News publishing a political ad from an Edmonton-Centre candidate who spoke out against Faggot-Familiar-Alliances.
Since then, the SUN deleted my comment, and salted the earth by deleting the entire Disqus thread. Again, below is all it took for them to circle the wagons and pretend they didn't lie to you about Bill 10:
Steve Shrout's Metro news chain spent the entire Bill 10 controversy pushing for FFAs in schools, refusing to give any time or space to opponents, deleting comments that didn't agree with the legislation, and publishing endless op-eds purporting to be news.
Now after months of his newspaper lying to the Albertan public about Bill 10, a brave man comes up and speaks all the truths Metro hid from the public, and they regret the error? No. The error was putting agenda-driven reporters like Mike Morrison in charge of a file they could use to push their lifestyle on children. The error is not giving Keating a weekly column. The error is apologizing for finally publishing the truth in their paper.