Under no circumstances should CAUS succeed getting out the unwanted student vote

The Council of Alberta university Students (CAUS) wants students to get out and vote in a campaign they're calling...uh,...."Get out the Vote".

Sounds decent enough, right? The only problem is, University students are horrible voters who support parties that act against their best interests. And they're not very good at listening to how wrong they are.

And CAUS isn't exactly any better, equating a blanket "wasting more money on post-secondary education" policy with a policy that will be for the best of the students or the province who won't benefit from any students who leave Alberta 30 seconds after they get their degrees.

So what CAUS is basically doing is trying to push for more left-wingers, most of whom aren't really Albertans, onto the voter rolls.

No thanks. We need people who are voting for parties to the right of the Prentice PCs, not to the left.