Post #2400, Baby!

We just keep on rolling in 2015. 2300 posts was just a couple months back and already it's time to celebrate post 2400.

Just like last time we'll do the Third Edge Sword feature I dubbed "pathetic sniveling chickenshit liberal of the month". Like Karen on that one Corner Gas episode, it's a couple months later and I still haven't improved on the first draft, despite the fact that March went by without highlighting a liberal chickenshit.

Our pathetic sniveling liberal chickenshit for this round is Laurie.

Laurie likes Boondock Saints (that movie where Willem Dafoe is a fudge packer), interacting with fellow sniveling liberal coward Donovan Workun (the guy who doesn't like ideological opponents speaking out against shitty plays, probably a good career move for an improv guy), and crying when she hears Broadway actresses do something emotional.

Oh yeah, and incredibly stupid politics.

After all, nobody who supports the NDP and desperately seeks Nenshi recognition for it should be complaining about high taxes. Jim Prentice raised taxes by quite a bit. Rachel Notley wants them to skyrocket. So this pathetic liberal coward, naturally, attacks the lack of PC corporate tax hikes (which the NDP would also skyrocket) by complaining about the individual tax hikes the NDP totally supported raising. She also thinks that Alberta's public servants, highest paid in the country and administering what was once the smallest government are "strapped".

And, of course, like all cowards, when a better person than her who actually knows something about anything speaks up, she reacts with fear rather than a personal desire to improve herself.