If you really want to "flip the script" try opposing Pride Month or BLM

A Texas student uses her high school valedictorian speech to denounce Texas' new abortion law.

Paxton Smith had submitted an entirely different speech on the effect of the media on young minds to school officials for the commencement ceremony at Lake Highlands High School in Dallas on Sunday, but Smith said it was important to use the moment to criticize a controversial abortion law signed by Gov. Greg Abbott last month.

“I refuse to give up this platform ... when there is a war on my body and a war on my rights,” Smith said.

Smith called the legislation "a war on the rights of your mothers, a war on the rights of your sisters, a war on the rights of your daughters."

"We cannot stay silent," Smith said to her graduating class.
She really really really wants to be able to murder babies. That cannot be psychologically healthy.

The memo to conservatives students in the running to be valedictorian in the future is clear: "flip the script" and submit some anodyne speech about being the "leaders of tomorrow" or some nonsense and then in the actual speech give a devastating takedown of cancel culture, #NiggerLivesMoreImportantThanSocietyMotherfucker, and how there are only two sexes with only one valid sexual orientation relating the two of them.

Smith doesn't seem equally upset about the "war on the rights of your brothers" to run their BBQ restaurants, or the "war on the rights of your fathers" to use firearms to shoot and kill violent blacks terrorizing their homes and neighbourhoods, or the "war on the rights of your sons" by running up insane levels of debt and importing third world thugs to replace them. All of which might just possibly strike a nerve in Texas.

You've got it wrong, Paxton. You can stay silent. Your side never shuts up about all these murders you seem so anxious to engage in, maybe you can let our side get things off our chests once and a while.