@msolurin - If I can't call the police, I'll shoot on sight

One wonders exactly how Olayemi Olurin envisions policing. Despite the fact that according to her own retarded claims she's in a demographic which would log more than her fair share of police interactions, she doesn't seem to know much about the nuts and bolts.

If there's a nigger robbing me, or assaulting me, or on his way to rob or assault me I can currently phone the police, and they will take efforts to either stop him or track him down and arrest him (using an appropriate level of force). In Olurin's fantasy police-less world that option isn't available to me and therefore I will open fire and shoot him at the slightest provocation. No skin off my nose, the crime has indeed been prevented and the scumbag will never bother anybody ever again.

However the vast majority of cases don't work like that. Beat cops exist to deter crime and when necessary to stop it in progress. Detectives and other investigators are the ones who after the fact try to figure out who did it. They will collect evidence and attempt to solve the case. You've all seen the myriad of TV shows that feature this. Once they have evidence of who committed the crime, they sent in the beat cops to arrest them. Why do you think the cops were arresting that violent crook George "Gorilla" Floyd in the first place? Ditto Michael Brown. The crime already happened, and they were taking action to bring the guilty party to justice. Arresting these criminals and charging them with crimes is a concrete example of changing the conditions that lead to crime.

Let's pick an example close to Olayemi Olurin's heart: the violent gang rape of Olayemi Olurin. Whether the NYPD has enough boys in blue or not, they aren't particularly likely to intervene during the act itself. However, after the deed has been done and Olayemi is left injured and violated, what can she do? She can't go to the police, they've been abolished remember. If she knows a decent artist maybe they can sketch a picture of one or two of the perpetrators, she can appeal on social media, and hope that somebody identifies the guy while not accidentally identifying a different guy (if, say, the perpetrators are of a race who all kind of look the same to the rest of us...). If they wore gloves I guess they've come up with the perfect (and bustily delicious) crime. In this case the "condition that led to the crime" (vastly reduced fear of consequences) is trending the opposite direction as she thinks.

Or are we going to also remove privacy controls on DNA databases? What if I haven't been convicted of a crime or voluntarily giving my DNA up though, won't I just never be in the database? Currently police have access to crime-solving resources that the general public doesn't have. Every non-US citizen who enters the United States from a country that doesn't rhyme with "sanada" gets fingerprinted, as does everybody who gets arrested (legitimate or not). When police find a suspect he can be asked to submit, and compared to the rape kit which the police took after the offense. Police are given extra powers to investigate crimes...or will those powers be also given to the rest of us? Can I forcibly extract DNA from people I think might match the sample I obtained? Will I be allowed to restrain Olayemi Olurin by her wrists, force her into my vehicle, and take her to a secured facility where I can lock her away unless she honestly answers all of my questions?

I'm perhaps being hard on Olurin [could be worse, you could be hard in her... -ed], I'm asking a lot of questions about the nature of a world without policing that she has neither the insight nor the skill to answer. Most of these aren't particularly hard questions, anybody who puts a few minutes of thought into it will come up with them. But she's a far-left activist and even this sort of "shallow thinking but the pool is starting to angle downwards" is beyond her.

If there's no police than when I am wronged (or perceive I have been wronged) my only recourse is no longer legal but supra-legal: I will need to find the responsible party on my own. Hopefully my job lets me take time off or I have free time evenings and weekends to figure out the solution to this problem, otherwise I'm going to have to choose between hiring somebody or giving up on getting justice. The latter is certainly an option: victims of property crime tend to endure that punishment today even with police in place: only beat cops really have any impact on (small-to-medium) property crime. The only time people get their due justice is, as we opened up with, they get caught in the act. Trayvon Martin, Coulton Boushie, and Ahmaud Arbery are all (thankfully) dead thanks to this principle.

Olayemi Olurin wants us to remove more Trayvon Martins from this world.

You could have just asked.