@CityNewsYEG - Your biased reporting still hasn't told the truth about "systemic racism"

One year later, the lying far-left presstitutes at CityTV Edmonton continue to push their narrative. Yet the evidence is clear: blacks are in fact treated with kid gloves by American policing, with their death toll by officers' hands far less than the number of encounters would otherwise indicate. Sure their death toll relative to the population is higher, but that's because American blacks are violent savages who commit a lot of crimes.

In fact, when you factor the number of encounters with police, whites are killed more often by police than blacks, and as has been covered many times before black officers are more likely to shoot blacks than white officers.
CityTV will never tell you this. They are anti-conservative, anti-white, and anti-truth. That's why they never let critical views of this topic on-air to tell our superior interpretation of the data. Because "systemic racism" doesn't exist, and the idiot marchers of #NiggerLivesMoreImportantThanSocietyMotherfuckers can't point to a single example of it.