@RitikaGoelTO - Doug Ford needs to FIRE THEM ALL

How about no? How about, instead....
✔️ Fire every public sector healthcare worker
✔️ Privatize healthcare
✔️ "Marginalized communities" can wait until the productive people are vaccinated

As always, the great thing about privatizing the entire healthcare system is that you never have to worry about their funding ever again. The problem when #HealthWorkersFightBack is it's never countered with #TaxpayersFightBackTenTimesHarderAndCrushThem. (As Ann Coulter wrote almost exactly nine years ago, the problem with public sector unions is they end up in a positive feedback loop).

Meanwhile, any employee who generally needs more than two sick days per quarter is a useless employee who deserves a pay cut.

Though I digress, if their private sector employer wants to pay them to be unproductive hypochondriacs that sounds like a "you problem" and not so much a "me problem".