@timpetrou - Cool story, bro

Everything Tim says in this tweet is pure fantasy. Tolkien could barely invent better.

Doug Ford, for those who don't know, is the (barely) conservative premier of Ontario. You may remember his more famous brother Rob, the late Toronto mayor. Like so many Canadian premiers, his opponents such as Tim have all of these weird sci-fi notions of who Doug Ford actually is.

Doug Ford was first elected in June 2018, sweeping evil dyke Kathleen Wynne out of power faster than she abandoned her loving husband as a result of her mental illness. Therefore he has roughly four years of governance under his belt (two under the Wuhan Flu) and we can get a sense of what his governing record will be.

In 2018 the Ontario budget was created before the election, so we have a good picture of what the provincial expenditures were. Likewise we have the 2022 budget document. Let's compare how much "cutting and stealing from budgets" took place, shall we? (all data in the chart is in billions)

Sector Dyke 2018 budget
Ford 2022 budget
Health spending 61.3 75.2
K-12 spending 29.1 32.4
Postsecondary spending 11.8 10.8
Social Services spending 17.9 18.3
Justice spending 5 5.3
Income tax 32.3 44.6
Sales tax 26 32.3
Corporate tax 15.8 19.7

In 2018 total revenue was $158.5B, in 2022 it was $179.8B (13% higher). In 2018 total expenditures were $158.5B, in 2022 it was $198.6B (25% higher). Inflation has been 13% over the same time period (but most of that this year since the budget was being released, it was 6% between 2018-2021. So Doug Ford, "at war" with schools and public health, increased the spending on each by 5% and 22% respectively, despite the fact that for two years neither of them has been doing their damned job!

That same (overpriced) union labour, of course, is one of the reasons the money keeps flowing into this broken system: privatizing it and firing every single nurse is a good first step. As for teachers, if we've learned anything about schools in Ontario its that Doug Ford needs to be at war with them using real bullets but sadly isn't.

One day, I swear, we'll get a conservative leader who actually does all the things the left keeps promising they'll do: recriminalize sodomy, ban abortion, slash healthcare spending (anything less than 90% isn't far enough), slash education spending (anything less than 90% isn't far enough), declare war (perhaps even literally) on unionized teachers and nurses, end public workers legal privilege to strike, disband the CBC, disband the CRTC, repeal workplace safety laws, and end immigration. Yet over and over and over again the things leftists threaten don't happen, and I'm sick of it.