@JustJeani - Are you going to tell your fellow leftist screechers or should I?

Ron DeSantis' Martha's Vineyard stunt is the gift that just keeps on giving.

America is overrun with illegal immigrants. To be fair, one is two too many, however they are looking at millions of invaders who shouldn't be there.

How many is an interesting question. VDARE noted in 2011 that the number was mysteriously holding steady at 11.4M illegal immigrants, virtually the same as 2009. In 2017 the number had...fallen...because...well, they insist it's fallen despite nobody finding a mechanism by which it happened (and very very very political state actors collecting it: the deep state is more than just the FBI). The border patrol catches 300-800 thousand per year (and few ever get kicked out), news stories about thousands of people per night crossing at a single location abound. Crossings are "always at an all time high" blowing away previous records without any apparent increase in the overall levels.

There's a reason many pick 20M as a good round number of illegal immigrants and...oh, wait, sorry. Jeani is talking about legal immigrants. I'd hate to be accused of "knowing shit about what they're talking about". After all, 100.000% of the Venezuelans in Martha's Vineyard were legal asylum seekers (it's a question for the reader whether or not they should have been allowed in). You heard it right there from Jeani. They're all legal immigrants.

Whether this is strictly true is kind of up for debate. They are apparently one of the 1.9M asylum seekers in the U.S. illegally but not yet verified if they quality for asylum or not (if asylum takes 4 years that sort of implies 500,000 annual asylum seekers which again blasts the "11M" number to shreds). Their status is a bit of a Schrödinger's cat.

However, here's a little bit of a problem. Jeani's buddies, using the spaghetti against the wall technique, have argued that DeSantis and his administration have committed a criminal act by transporting the migrants from Florida to Massachusetts. While some have tried to use kidnapping charges on the theory that unless a government agency tells somebody exactly where it's taking them and why then its coercive (where were these people with vaccine passports?) others have clung to this obscure law regarding transport of noncitizens within the United States.

The ones who stick to this "Section 247" argument are pretty unhinged. Really really unhinged. You think Jeani's unhinged, just look at them.

Section 247 only works if the Venezuelans are violating American law, and more critically if the scheme is to help them to continue to do so. If shipping questionable scumbags to Martha's Vineyard constitutes "the defendant acted willfully in furtherance of the noncitizen's legal violation" then what does, say, providing actual sanctuary to them mean? Doesn't that mean everybody who gives an immigrant a ride around town when ICE isn't allowed in is more guilty than DeSantis.

I hate it when leftists think they know shit they have no idea about.