"Private company can fire you for any political beliefs they like" doesn't work in reverse?

The Daily Dot is outraged, absolutely furious, that a political litmus test is being applied in an American business.

In the video posted by TikToker and Florist Lady Botanical (@lady_botanical) on Oct. 11, she shares a clip of her sitting in her car after an interview with a local nursery, where she alleges she was asked to disclose whether she has any children, is married, or if she “believes in free speech.”

“Upon coming into the interview, they didn’t ask me too much about my experience with plants. I did, however, get asked if I had any kids, if I was married or if I was a liberal or conservative,” she says in the clip. “When I said that I leaned more towards the liberal side, I was then asked if I believed in free speech.”

She notes that “you can’t legally ask” a prospective employee about their political beliefs and personal life, saying that she plans to “contact the labor board.”

However, that same Daily Dot didn't have any issue with a police officer being fired for his political views on Facebook, or an Attorney-General employee being fired for writing his political views on a receipt in a diner, or a manager fired for criticizing mentally ill men in dresses online.

Now to be fair, author Rebekah Harding didn't write any of those other articles. However isn't it funny that all the legal experts saying you can't ask about outside-business-hours politics says the exact opposite when they don't like the politics in question?