@joe_sewage that's because you're inferior to us. Change.

Ken Bensinger is one of the many leftists who has been assigned a beat to study conservative media as if he was some anthropologist trying to ascertain obscure religious beliefs in the Amazon jungle. There are a few problems with this approach (and indeed, anthropologists are willing to accept and rationalize any cultures which go against their own biases, which isn't about to happen here), but it's at least better than the Joe Sewage approach which is to just decree that what's in it cannot be "rationalized" or "normalized" and then move on in pure ignorance.

After all if it wasn't for the conservative media you'd never know that the WuFlu vaccines were underperforming with side effects more serious than commonly known. If it wasn't for conservative media it would be news to you that Fakepresident Biden's son was involved in questionable Chinese dealings. If it wasn't for conservative media you wouldn't know that January 6th protesters were (like Freedom Convoy protesters) being held in worse bail conditions than violent killers. Conservative media told you that wind and solar panels weren't cutting it as mass power generation techniques, conservative media explained to you why Kyle Rittenhouse was clearly not guilty, and conservative media is the reason anybody knows about Lois Lerner's hard drives.

Fauci's dog experiments? Laith Marouf? Swimming champ William Thomas? CHAZ media policies? No bodies were discovered in Kamloops and Camsell? Ottawa apartment fire inconsistencies? Voting irregularities in swing state capitols? UK grooming gangs? Hey who was it who raped that 9 year old in Ohio?

What good does it do to allow people like Joe to think that people flat out better than him deserve to be ignored and hidden from? It doesn't help Joe, he's clearly dumb and never getting smarter. It doesn't help conservative media to have one fewer eyeball. It doesn't help the overall state of the world by having more ignorant Joes pulling levers in voting booths (as he's more than likely to do in a couple days).

I just don't understand the constant effort to rationalize and normalize the garbage that comes from people who aren't good enough to lick the toes of conservative media personalities.