Stupid Premiers, bad timing, and the truth about the weather

On Monday, several provincial premiers got together to gang up on Alberta for not doing more to stop global warming. [as Jim Hacker would say, you know they really did gang up on Stelmach because they have officially denied it. -ed]

They had an awfully ironic sense of timing to tell Albertans to shut down their economy on the holy alter of "climate change" and the heating of the global average temperature. This on the day that Edmonton's high was -25C (recorded at midnight: it dropped throughout the day), -22C the midnight high for Calgary.

On Tuesday, while the Premiers were claiming not to be demanding Alberta do more, Edmonton got up to -27, with a low of -36.

I've said it before, they should have these climate change conferences in Edmonton in mid January to mid February. Even late February. Odds are this "global warming" nonsense would be over and done with before the first session even wrapped up.