Grey Cup's pathetic younger brother is on today

In something called the "Super Bowl", a team called New England who's really in Boston faces off against a team called New York who's really in New Jersey. If you think this is normal, please go away.

I'm not a Superbowl watcher. I didn't even know which free TV station it was on (CTV, it turns out: I had it on Global for an hour). I think I've mentioned this before, but about a year ago a fellow NFL-ignorer and I spent the better part of an hour trying to name all the NFL teams -- we stopped at 23, unsure whether we were done with the next one or to keep going). One NFL-crazed friend was aghast in late '07 when I admitted I could only name two members of the Patriots: Moss and Brady. Two weeks ago he recanted this to somebody, and I had to admit I could no longer remember the receivers' name. When he reminded me it was Randy Moss, I suddenly realized I had also forgotten Tom Brady's name. Good times, good times.

So with that, I bring you this handy YouTube video showing how the NY Giants made it to the big game (and revealing once and for all that if you support the Dallas Cowboys, you are a Nazi):