Rumour has it there's some sort of Alberta election

I just can't get excited, mostly because any election where the Liberals look to post gains makes me horridly depressed. Even a strong PC majority with a mere increase in Liberal seats is bad news in my books.

So anyways, lets talk instead about Obama v. McCain:

McCain v. Hilary always looked like bad news for Hill-Dawg. McCain would get the moderates who don't like Clinton, conservatives with no other choice, and the people who realize that if the Yanks have to have a broad as President, they should start off on a stronger foot than Clinton (cf. Kim Campbell).

Now it seems that for all his faults, McCain has some strong electability on his side: McCain is currently 3.2% behind Obama in the polls. At first, this doesn't seem like good news, but I believe it is. All you have to do is remember a critical fact.

Barak Obama has no substance.

He probably has a few substance abuses, but actual substance? None. Nada. Zilch. He's a hollow shell, a black man who white liberals get excited about for no other reason. He believes in nothing, has no plans, and won't have a clue how to administrate a nation of 300 million. Once it comes time to actually pick a President, this sort of thing will come out, and people who aren't partisan will have to make a decision.

Plus there's at least a 60% chance that Obama would be assassinated in October if it looked like he was poised to win anyways.