The 2008 Alberta Leader's Debate

I didn't watch it: only a couple minutes at the end. Two things of note.

Firstly, I noticed that only Paul Hinman and Brian Mason seemed interested in talking about their own parties. Taft and Stelmach ended up talking about the other 3 parties' platforms and never got around to discussing their own until the final statement (which is the one time you CAN discuss your opponents).

Secondly, Kevin Taft is a really whiny and annoying son of a bitch. I liked his bit at the end asking people who see him to come up and say "hi". As regular readers might know, I had my chance to do more than just say hello to that worthless bugger in August.

Bonus Leaders Debate Review: A buddy of mine watched the whole debate, and said hands down that Paul Hinman won: as he put it, he was the only one who had bold innovative and new ideas. So naturally the Wildrose Alliance is the only party whose slogan isn't obsessed with change...