Cry havoc, and let slip the Dogs of War!

It's official: Ed Stelmach has called a provincial election for March 3rd.

I assume its of absolutely no surprise to anybody that I'm calling for the Wildrose Alliance Party to win the election: Stelmach has been less than wonderful as a premier, though not as bad as his detractors claim.

But, as they said at work today, who the hell else would you want in charge? Kevin Taft? Why is this dude even still in politics? He was hired on by the Liberals because of his brilliant work in spending his time as a paid academic coming up with almost fifteen pages of anti-Ralph Klein material which he turned into a book.

Brian Mason, anybody? He's on your side. Well, unless you work in the oilsands. Or work in an industry who's boomed because of the oilsands. Or own a car. But other than those narrow interest groups, he's on your side, oh public servant feeding off the government teet.

Or there's the Alberta Greens. Did that Joe Anglin guy who opposed the power lines get elected leader as I was told was in the cards? I'm too lazy to look it up.

I do like how, as the election ramps up, the Alberta Alliance (now Wildrose Alliance) gets shafted in the media coverage. The real question will be if the Alliance is again shut out of the Leader's Debate on Global. After all, they have an MLA now, don't they? This was enough to get Raj Pannu on back in the 90s when they only had 2 seats. That issue alone might be the most exciting of the entire campaign.