Oilers tickets selling out quick

The Oilers have seen phenomenal support from their fans this season, and have already sold out 22 home games to date, said Patrick LaForge, President & CEO of the Edmonton Oilers. Not since the 80s have we seen this level of demand for tickets, so were going to give the fans what they want - Oilers tickets right now, and will put every available seat from every remaining game on sale on Thursday morning.

This means that Oilers games are going to be roughly harder to get seats for than Hilary Duff concerts. And they'll occur about as often. Buddy responds to this post: the way the oil have played lately I am not sure what would be better


Speaking of Hilary Duff in Edmonton, she got special permission to go to "The Bank" even though she's only 18 and the Bank won't let in club-goers under 21 (some nights 23 or 25, apparently). The Bank also has a "strict dress code". Apparently people think we need to emulate Los Angeles's posh club scene. Goddammit that makes me angry that just because I'm in runner and jeans I'm not "permitted" into so many of these new chauchy clubs.