F___ Martin/Layton, and I don't care who hears

Over on the Shotgun blog, "Bob" the leftist agitator brings us a link of "conservative bias in the RCMP because the Ponoka cops nailed a guy for having an obscene bumper sticker.

As I recall, a F___ Ralph sign in a car in Edmonton was treated with kid-gloves by the cops back in 2001 or 1997 or something. Seems awfully similar to the anti-Harper bumper sticker. Maybe the police had a conservative bias and lost it? Or maybe just that the RCMP don't put up with as much bull as the Edmonton City cops? (It was Ponoka RCMP, though, so "abuse of power" does have an air of reliability.. local rumours have been going around for years that some officers who have been stationed there are taking bribes and selling drugs for local street gangs.)

I post a similar version of the above post to the Standard but leave out the specifics of the rumours that some Ponoka RCMP officers have been involved in selling and protecting the distributers of illicit drugs simply because enough people read the Shotgun that somebody is going to try libel (even though its acknowledged as a rumour with no proof, and no names or dates are given).

I also post another snappy comeback to Bob on the topic of the Liberal attack ads and the hauntingly familiar voice intoning on them.