Layton's mad at you Ralph: RUN!!!!!

Ralph Klein must be shaking in his boots today. In a speech in Edmonton, Jack Layton warned that "You are not going to destroy public health care. New Democrats won’t let you.” New Democrats won't let him??? Oh no, how terrifying must that be? The New Democrats will use the full force of their popular support and the full voting powers of their elected MLAs to stop the man who has remained one of the most popular of premiers.

Layton, you and your socialist monsters have no chance of influencing Alberta while she remains a province, let alone when we become a nation.

The NDP announcement is almost as funny as daimnation's own list of Liberal "campaign ads". The best of the bunch has to be: Stephen Harper ate at a Tex-Mex place once. You know what the "Tex" in Tex-Mex stands for? Texas. George W. Bush's home state. And you know who else would have liked Tex-Mex food if he were alive today? Adolf Hitler. We're not making this up. Choose your Canada. The odd thing is that some of the ads are less cruel than the real ones. (Some of the commented ones are funny too: Stephen Harper has wart. Witches have warts. Could you build a bridge out of him? We can't tell but we think he floats.)

Update: I won't ret-con it out of existence like I have with a few other of my minor gaffes, but the Layton speech is from December. At least I didn't miss a SECOND chance to heckle the lunatic during this campaign. Oddly enough, I've already addressed this speech on another blog.