70 Years of Bad Weather

Over at slashdot.org there is a thread about The United State's resoration of favoured nation status upon Ukraine following their piracy problems a couple years back. The thread quickly has degraded (on /. you say? inconceivable!) into an argument about Ukraine's "Orange Revolution" last year, one poster accused poisoned President-elect Yushenko of being an "American puppet", to which it was reminded that its more of a case of his opponent being a Russian puppet, and then there's no such thing as a Russian puppet its a lie of FOXnews and Ukraine isn't a real country anyways and the degredation of traditional Ukrainian culture to modern American culture is a travesty and so on and so forth.

I can't speak much for many of these points: though as a Western Canadian I'm specially positioned to be a minor expert on Ukrainian culture. I do have a relatively powerful "in" into such insights, which I am most certainly not at liberty to discuss at this point. However, we'll leave that aside for something else I'm not particularly equipped to discuss but do have a small amount of outrage for it:
A poster claimed that the Ukrainian holocaust was a "natural disaster". Slashdot listed it as [-1, Flamebait] but I believe the post was actually in earnest: one of the many communist sympathizers and apologeticists who believe the Soviet Union suffered from 70 years of bad weather. This is, of course, pure bunk: the first followup post took care of that misconception. But the misconception is greater than a "mere" ten million Ukrainian corpses lying buried in unmarked mass graves, for it threatens all of us: the insane belief that allying oneself to the U.S. is an evil for altering your culture, while allying oneself to other nations to alter your culture (*cough cough* Jamaica *cough cough*) is a noble deed for the global village. It's not only a Ukrainian problem -- Fraud Barlow covered this topic in her first post-2006-vote Macleans blog. Leftists don't merely not learn their lesson...they ignore the lesson, place every circumstance in a moral isolation chamber, and refuse to place any connection between applicable comparisons while at the same time making wildly inaccurate connections between inapplicable comparisons.

It will take a lot more than the deaths of a few million Ukrainians or Taiwanese or New Yorkers to smarten these people up. Left-wingers like to paint themselves as grand intellectuals, but its only to cover up their total lack of an intellect.