Mother Jones get Ryan Jerperson'd

From Reclaim the Net, Mother Jones, which cheered Big Tech's censorship against conservatives, is in a cash crunch as they have suddenly been (partially) unlisted from Facebook. It's the feel-good story of the week.

It brings to mind the recent affair of Ryan Jesperson, the far-left 630 CHED radio host who was fired after a bizarre "racist" rant in which he referred to black staffers of an Edmonton City Councilor as chimpanzees.

The word "racist" of course has to go in scare quotes because nobody on the right seriously believes that Jesperson's comments were racist: he referred to the right-wing councilor's staff as chimps in a ridiculously crass and unprofessional manner for a radio host. But as longtime readers know, there's nothing "racist" about making chimp jokes that would be equally valid for a white staffer. Indeed, Jesperson claimed (and probably correctly) that he had no idea what the ethnic makeup of the staff was.

In a sane world, of course, that would matter. But this isn't a sane world and so it doesn't. I said nobody on the right thinks he's racist, but if you're on the left you either have to accept that Ryan Jesperson is the most racist man in the history of Edmonton and should be banished forever or accept that not every comment that could be about race is about race. Since the latter isn't an option for the eternally offended, then they must choose the former.

They aren't, of course. Already his far-left allies have bounded with him and vow to help him move on with his life, a gracious sentiment they don't offer Ted Morton or those EPCOR employees (blogpost of which coming soon).

In fact, they are anxiously sharing this missive from Jesperson online:

You might have just spit out your coffee reading this (but seriously, it's almost midnight, why are you drinking coffee?).

The only people who "don't get the platform they deserve" are the conservatives who are superior to the savage Indians or BurnLootMurder thugs or faggot child molesters Jesperson always gave a free ride to. Indeed if you remember his "roundtable on cancel culture" the wide range of allowed opinions on the subject were the "cancel culture isn't real you paranoid losers lol" side, debating the "cancel culture is real but everybody we cancel is evil because they disagree with us and disagreement equals hatey hate hate" side. Jesperson was mostly on the first team with a few sympathetic nods towards the second. At no point during his discussions of Residential Schools, Sodomites, or #NiggerLivesMoreImportantThanSocietyMotherFucker was there any dissenting conservative voice allowed on to speak the truth (ie. that there is no systemic racism in Canada and no evidence of it can be demonstrated, that Red Indians needed education and Residential Schools were the way to do it, and that the sick ass pirate agenda is evil and Conversion Therapy was banned because it successfully cured them of their mental diseases).

So with that, seeing Jesperson the victim of the cancel culture he denied was a little just desserts. As Kurt Schlichter says (endlessly), make them play by their own rules.

Jesperson enjoyed telling his leftist lies in his safe media bubble, never realizing that just outside that thin membrane was Mike Nicols, who cleverly used the purported racial makeup of his staff (I'm unsure if any were actually negroes) to force out a leftist "journalist" who made sure only his side of the story was ever allowed.