@mur1701 - why didn't Canadian governments deny pillow biters treatment in 1983?

So using Murray McNeely logic, when faggots started getting and spreading AIDS in the late 70s/early 80s, the "courageous individuals" who continued to act on their perversions should have been publicly identified and banned from wasting hospital resources on their care.

Remember folks, one of the joys of public healthcare is that "my body my choice" long ago was given up: if government decrees only they can "care for" your body only two unpleasant choices are available. There's the Murray McNeely system where they can decide if you're "social credit" score justifies your care, in which case health department busibodies own your body. The only alternative is one we can call the HSARB system: just like the "death panels" that Sarah Palin (accurately) warned about, eventually to save money the (unsustainable) public healthcare system has to use cold hard cash as the deciding factor in who does and does not get medical care. Currently used to deny out-of-province cases, as the cost of healthcare increases eventually their mandate will have to expand, in which case your body and the decision to cure it belongs to whoever holds the scrips for public debt (ie. the same Chinese Politburo who gifted us with the Wuhan Flu in the first place).