Fags (kinda) cause COVID


With the raging debate over whether Albertans should care about COVID (we shouldn't), it was worth noting how many online commenters seemed to think that (insert jurisdiction here) is having a lot of Wuhan Flu cases because the people there are "ignorant".

As you can see from the screenshot above, the easy enough retort (as such) to that is that New York City is so rampant with the Wuhan Flu that their exclusion plummets the United States in the international rankings, while some midwest states are relatively COVID-free. As a result, by Jenna Thomas' own metric above, New York City is by far the most ignorant place in North America (with Montreal being the runner up: at one point it was the 7th most ignorant city on the planet). Meanwhile places like Oklahoma or Missouri or Kentucky have much lower Wuhan Flu deaths (and therefore are much less ignorant, apparently). I suppose the national ranking would have to be (from most to least "ignorant" under this formula, with the number being the death rate per 100,000 people):

  1. Queerbec (81)
  2. Ontario (24)
  3. Manitoba (17)
  4. Alberta (11)
  5. British Columbia (7)
    Nova Scotia (7)
  6. Saskatchewan (3)
  7. Yukon (2)
  8. New Brunswick (1)
    Newfoundland and Labrador (1)
  9. Northwest Territories (0)
    Nunavut (0)
    Prince Edward Island (0)
Who knew it could be this easy? Surely if you were an SJW doing a national "ignorance" index this is the ranking and the relative weights you'd throw behind them right? I jest of course: clearly this dumb girl on YouTube didn't come up with any sort of real metric: she just invented a quality after the fact.

I mean it is fun and easy to do. Let's try to think of one off the tops of our heads (without cheating by looking at the post title that you almost certainly have indeed looked at). Well I wouldn't rank Toronto's fag march ahead of Montreal's, surely, and Vancouver and Victoria probably should beat Edmonton and Calgary...but otherwise I would say there's a decent correlation here between the size of each provinces pro-faggot parades and their position on this list.

So let's go with this wacky contention: being pro-fag causes the Wuhan Flu.

It's obviously not entirely out of left field, I wrote about the shocking public policy divergence between AIDS and COVID just a couple days ago. In the early days of the pandemic when we were being assured that Trump was massively screwing up compared to the Shiny Pony, Martok got into it with somebody on Facebook (who thought Trump could take lessons from his counterpart up north) by pointing out that still meant Canada was one of the 15 worst countries in the world. He then asked her if her contention (much like what I did with Jenna's little rant above) was that Canada should be more like other countries who were doing even better than us: such as Saudi Arabia or Pakistan who execute sodomites in the public square. So this idea of "wait aren't there horrible countries doing 'better' than us?" is hardly a new one.

Still, let's run a few numbers. Okay, you got me: I already ran them. The OurWorldInData website posts a running .xlsx spreadsheet of COVID numbers, so that was easy enough to pull. University of California (UCLA)'s Williams Institute put out a global ranking of how sodomy-friendly each individual country is: a metric they hilariously call the "global acceptance index" (or GAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY). Looking at the top dozen countries we can see Spain, the UK, Belgium, Sweden...hmm the news seems to think those countries are heavy COVID sufferers. I don't see France or the USA until I scroll down a surprising degree (both are next to each other, in fact), and I know I'm not going to see Brazil at the top (though it isn't far behind France). So maybe we're onto something. The data is of course in PDF format so cleaning it up ends up taking WAY more time than it should have.

A small amount of data manipulation had to take place: many countries share a GAI, and I don't know if their internal data has more significant figures but to maintain the rankings I have added 0.001 to each subsequent GAI: Germany Finland Switzerland Puerto Rico all have 7.4 so I've changed them to 7.4, 7.4001, 7.4002, etc. Hong Kong and Nagorno-Karabakh are officially provinces within larger countries so I had to calculate their death per million manually based on Wikipedia's population figures.

More importantly, we know full well that there are discrepancies between how countries calculate COVID deaths. Unfortunately there is no single reliable metric: cases are dependent on the number of people getting tested: that can fluctuate wildly even within countries (Alberta's testing numbers have been very high for months; test the same proportion of the population in Ontario and watch the case numbers change drastically). Active cases are a joke. So death rate, with all the issues with that death rate, is the only thing we have. Obviously it needs to be analyzed per capita, otherwise Jamaica's anti-poofter society with only 239 deaths will make pro-uranist Canada's 11,571 deaths a slam dunk for my case: not to mention all those African countries. China of course is lying it's ass off about it's death-rate as somewhat of a counter-balance: that amazingly low death rate would balance with a GAI lower than Turkey or Swaziland.

So here's the graph:

This is a weak positive correlation and therefore isn't the whole story. Specifically there's a r-value of 0.46601860562348 and an R-squared value of 0.217173340787253, so it's relatively each to find values well outside the range.

Still, however, that correlation is indeed positive. That's more correlation, one notes, than reduction of COVID cases with compliance to facemask directives (a key element that this widely popularized study explicitly mentions it did not check). It certainly means that an SJW's definition of "ignorance" isn't a valid metric.

So we can't blame the faggots for this one (unlike AIDS, for example). Don't worry, it still looks like niggers are a big chunk of American (and presumably Canadian) death rates, which certainly explains Toronto and Montreal...

additional screenshot of data, click to view full-size: