Paul Brown Show still features a guy named Paul Brown

I'll just get right to the video here. I covered the leadup to the battle here with the result as heard on the radio Friday night.

Quick summary, Gillian was right: by Monday they were both over it. I know the video is 9:44, but the fight was less than three minutes long (it starts around 5:08). It ended up a little on the anticlimactic side, and waiting 'til 7:40 to discuss it just added to the lame-ness of it all. Astral Media didn't lose their morning show mealtickets, two guys who are in my car at least 30% of all mornings are still friends, and a charity gets $10,000. Other than that, it was all Phantom Menace-ey.

Aww hell, click here and just watch Gillian Foote make out with another chick.