Paul vs. Yukon -- Cage match

Paul Brown and Yukon Jack at 100.3 The Bear annually do a charity challenge.

Tonight at the Shaw Conference Centre the two of them are fighting in Mixed Martial Arts. Their aggression is "getting worse and worse", and today the station was constantly airing people phoning in complaining that its getting a little too personal. Now that a fight is in the making, the two of them are really breaking apart.

Hello! Does nobody remember last year when the two of them almost came to blows because Yukon was supposed to make out with Paul's wife on air and the scene turned ugly?

In the end, Gillian Foote made out with Paul's wife instead, which seemed to placate pretty much everybody. (The Bear doesn't have their Youtube videos from last year up anymore, though I honestly never did check to see if the makeout contest made it on there).

Well anyways, perhaps Monday is the day that Garner Andrews Show Industries makes a resurging in the morning radio ratings as Gillian Foote gets teamed with... a pre-owned monkey as the other two beat the crap out of each other and refuse to set foot in the studios ever again.

Or, being men, they'll get over it and be best buds again three days later. Who knows?

Update, 5:23pm: Here it is, Yukon trying to kiss his coworkers wife: