From running the New World Order to living under it

So Mayor Mandell wants to ban knives.

Edmontonians can buy big knives for the price of a burger and fries.

That has the city's mayor and police chief scratching their heads on how to cut the supply of the deadly weapons.

"It's ridiculous, the price and ease of availability," Mayor Stephen Mandel said yesterday.

Hunting knives are widely available at city retailers - including Wal-Mart and Canadian Tire - at quite low prices.

And one Edmonton wholesale outlet - Liquidation Station at 16137 132 Ave. - recently advertised a nearly nine-inch-long dagger for $9.99 on the front page of its flyer.

Mandel rolled his eyes when he saw the flyer.
Okay first off I've seen the knives at Liquidation Station and their ilk. If you expect to stab somebody with this product (rather than have the blade snap off at the first contact with bone... or really thick skin) you're kidding yourself.

The owner of the store weighs in:
The owner of the discount knife dealer laughed off the ban idea.

"No one took Mandel's idea seriously, did they?" said owner Eric Bischoff.

"There's no way to apply that law unless the city is willing to inspect all goods coming into the city."
Waitaminute... Eric Bischoff? Did the SUN really fall for that name now that Jenks isn't on the payroll?