I totally studied the wrong thing at the Faculty of Science

Scientists have ran the studies, crunched the numbers, and weighed the variables:

Jennifer Aniston has the most perfect legs in Hollywood.

This is totally depressing to learn that other scientists decided they could get the big research grants by doing this kind of stuff. Sounds like a good gig.

Speaking of scientists, since I'm a big fan of Dr. Richard Feynman, I thought I'd use this "Google Trends" feature (that I managed to spell wrong in the post I made yesterday) and see who searches for him the most:

The worldwide results are here. Naturally, Cambridge MA leads the list, but the next two locales are in India. Austin and Boston finish up the top five, and other major American cities finish the list. In Canada, not enough searches exist to even register a rating, which seems odd. Only Oxford in Britain has searched for him on their little isle. If you want "Richard Feynman" as a whole string, San Fran jumps to first overall, with Boston, San Diego, and LA following behind. Regionally, "Richard Feynman" is popular in India and Singapore more than the U.S., with Canada, Austrailia, and the U.K. behind

I also discovered the neato "comparison" mode: goddamned Ontario massacres Alberta as a search string everywhere except for Portland (in places that search Alberta a lot). The reverse case is even worse! This is the most depressing news I've heard in ages. Fortunately out west, some sanity exists.

How about the other half of my adopted blogging persona? Canada is 2nd behind the U.S. in "Ann Coulter" searches. The cities in the U.S. that search her name isn't very surprising (though its odd NY is so low and Seattle so high), but its odd to learn that nobody in Canada is more interested in her than the denizens of Saskatoon, Fredericton, Winnipeg, Halifax, and Kingston. Edmonton/Vancouver/Calgary are also prominent on that list, the two Alberta cities obvious choices. Despite Ann's German-language searches the only other language (besides English of course) that registers, not enough searches in German have been done to make it register. Austrailia is a late but sudden addition to her searches, but South Korea and the U.K. are not. Weird all around, I say.