The only media outlet that on FFAs gives the winning side a voice

One of the things I've pointed out many a time (and shocked and confused brain-dead liberals who believed the media) is that when it comes to these Faggot-Familiar-Alliances, the Alberta newsmedia is solidly on the side of the pillow biters. Liberal reporters only interview other liberal activists and put out a decidedly one-sided story out in the media.

Then they keep losing in the Legislature, and nobody can seem to figure out why. So it's probably not surprising that LifeNews (last seen scaring a liberal fag-lover into cowardice) actually talks with the other side of the discussion, particularly former Canadian Taxpayers Federation executive John Carpay. Worth a full read, but here's the meat of John's attack:

“Totalitarian states cannot tolerate freedom of religion because it means people look elsewhere than the state for their values,” Carpay told LifeSiteNews. Free states, on the other hand, should promote freedom of religion, and the freedom of parents to teach their children their own values. Bill 202 and gay-straight alliances were both premised on the idea that “homosexuality is healthy and normal,” which is in conflict with what Catholic and other Christian schools in Alberta teach, says Carpay, which is that “sexuality is sacred and the place for it is in heterosexual marriage.”