Sic semper tyrannis

Ding dong, the witch is dead.

Everybody was shocked tonight when Premier Mom, Alison "Red" Redford, the worst Premier in the history of the province that even contains two Liberals, announced her resignation.

It was quite the speech, where she refused to admit that she did anything wrong, refused to admit that her policies were despicable, refused to acknowledge the measurable harm she'd done Alberta, and then just basically told the leftist hordes to pick up the mantle where she left off.

And then she stormed (we hope, we pray) out of our lives forever. We can also hope and pray that she took her spending scandals with her, her entitlement culture with her, her far-left turns with her, and her bizarre budgeting practices with her. I'm not entirely sure that we're that out of the woods yet. It's certainly a step in the right direction though. Third Edge of the Sword pretty effectively nailed her early on with the sort of horrible signs that would eventually coalesce around her and bring her down. Here's Red Redford raising your taxes, here's a post called "Redford's Arrogance", her continuation of spending on public sector unions, and finally her support for horrible "progressive" causes that deprived you of your rights, which we saw happen earlier this week yet again.

So now that Red Redford is out of our lives, it's time to celebrate...

This is 16 year old scotch: Lagavulin Islay Single Malt to be precise. This scotch was aged 6.62 times longer than Red Redford was the Premier of Alberta. As my own way to stimulate the Alberta economy, I went out and bought some. Like Red Redford this morning, I didn't plan on doing this tonight.

Red Redford cried during her speech. Her cries were tears of pain. I'm crying as I drink this delicious scotch. My tears are tears of elation.

We're free. Or at the very least, we're more free than we were 12 hours ago.

Update, 9:53pm: Lots of digital ink being spilled on this tonight. As usual, if you want a great accounting of things besides me, here's Colby Cosh explaining Alison Redford to Ontario. Also worth a read is Don Braid's analysis of the "bully" (and I still hate that word, not that it appears in the column) angle behind Red Redford's demise).