David Suzuki steals Ezra Levant's beer

Back a few years ago, David Suzuki made a beer fridge commercial. I came up with my own idea for a video that would demonstrate how ridiculous this commercial really was. Here's my take:

Well, the gag about wanting to throw Stephen Harper in jail got more popularity this week when Gawker pushed to prosecute (and persecute) the Mark Steyns and Rush Limbaughs of the world. Also tonight is Earth Hour. So if you were watching Ezra Levant on SUN-TV last night, you may have seen this:
I guess it was too much to ask that Ezra would be able to drop the ethnic slurs and say "goddamn" on the air, wasn't it? Regardless, this year for Human Achievement Hour we at Third Edge of the Sword world headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark will be turning all the lights on at 8:30pm. You should do the same.