Nenshi4Premier: because once you get rid of the one who thought she was a princess, get one who thinks he's a queen

I tweeted about this earlier today, but have you noticed that since Red Redford's plans for a personal residential penthouse suite were confirmed by FOIP requests, Calgary Naheed Nenshi has yet to step back from his outrageous statements on the night Premier Mom got aborted. Again, what Nenshi said was:

"I want to remind people that this is also a human story," he said.

"It's about a real person. A good person. A person who loves this province and has worked hard and made incredible sacrifices for this place. And it's the story of a system that takes somebody like that, chews them up and spits them out."

Nenshi says what happened to Redford is an example of why many people don't choose a life in politics.
That's right buddy, your "good person" (and infamous thin-skinned bitchy bully), who made incredible sacrifices for this province (I mean, the Sky Palace was confined to a single story of the building!), was "chewed up and spit out" (after such trivial things as $131,000 trips featuring expenses paid vacations). She loved the province so much, she was willing to bilk the hardworking taxpayers who made it the shining achievement it was before she showed up in order to jet around with her teenaged daughter. She's a single mother, you know. I mean, sure it's because she's walked out on two separate husbands. But that's because of all the hard work, you know. No other Premier has ever had to balance a family and a political life at the same time. I suppose if only they'd have run out on their wives, then Nenshi would support them.

"The right-wing MLAs that still remain in this PC caucus were pulling her away constantly from the agenda that got her elected leader, and that's why she was unable to fulfill her mandate as leader," he said.
Really? You mean that not only are there right-wing MLAs left in the PC party, but that if it wasn't for them Redford's record would have been even further to the left?? What else was there left for her to do, collectivize the family farms and paint giant portraits of her on the sides of buildings? If you're reading this Alison, that last bit was not a suggestion by the way.

Nenshi cannot really believe this, of course, but he has to keep the myth of dark forces on the horizon unfairly turfing politicians who waste the public purse and personally live off the high hog as a result. For those paying attention to civic politics in Calgary, don't be afraid to audit his books now and then if that's what he's so terrified of.

"There will be lots and lots and lots of opportunities to talk about lots and lots and lots of different people," he said. "I can tell you, regardless of whatever role I'm in personally, I will take a very serious part in this next election, always fighting for the interests of Calgarians and Albertans.”
So...this is a change of pace for you then, is it?

Ultimately, if what happened to Red Redford keeps other people like her and her socialist ilk out of politics, great! If nothing else, if Nenshi thinks its a good idea not to be Premier, that's something I'd like him to consider. After all, as the title of this post notes, we didn't get rid of one Premier who thought she was a princess just to replace her with another.