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There's currently a minor movement by some Conservative tweeters to have the mildly retarded and highly offensive Stephen Carter fired from his job with Hill & Knowlton Strategies.

Speaking as somebody who:

a) Wouldn't yell "stop" if he saw a bus careening towards Carter
b) Has a regular job in which he doesn't want to have a boss constantly called every time somebody is offended online

Can I just say that this mini-movement is backwards and wrong? I don't want to see Stephen Carter fired from his job at H+K. I want him fired from his job working with the Premier of Alberta. By Premier Danielle Smith. Who would then exhile him to Ontario on pain of death were he to enter our borders again.

But he should still be able to take telecons from H+K, unless they fire him for something actually related to his job, not related to concerns that they have to bear responsibility for his political views. Sorry guys, I cannot abide this means of attack. There are 50,000 good reasons for getting Carter (and his boss) fired from their current gigs at the Legislature. None of them are good reasons for trying to push his private sector employers to turf him too.

Besides, if we decide for his crimes to make him pay restitution to the citizenry of the Republic of Alberta, it might help to keep his net worth on the high side.