The smallest, but not the only, reason to vote out Red Redford

As you may or may not know, an Alberta election is underway. As its looking like there's a real solid chance that the Wildrose party can seize the reigns of power away from Alison "Red" Redford and her "Progressive" "Conservative" Party, I felt this would be a good time to bring up some of the disastrous legislation enacted by Red Redford's party.

Today this trip down memory lane takes us to 2007, where...

Okay, this is a probably minor one, but read this bill and tell me if there's anything in there about people with allergies to dogs. They did include a line about out-of-control service dogs, but that's it.

Seriously Nanny Redford, you don't think that for the purposes of accommodations that this might be a sticking point? Some people really can't handle dogs. They may not want to rent to a person who is going to make them constantly sick. I suppose you can try to pass this off as a case of an "out-of-control" issue, but I doubt that would stick.

Fortunately, there is a way to punish the "Progressive" "Conservative" Party and Alison "Red" Redford for this (and other) bad pieces of legislation put out by her party since the dawn of the millenium: vote them out.

There is a strong right-wing alternative: Danielle Smith's Wildrose Party of Alberta. Your right to liberty in healthcare will be helped out by the Wildrose, so why not your right to liberty and freedom from stuffed up sinuses in the 'comfort' of your own home?