Wait, hold the phone here

Did nobody in Quebec City, where they have had Google Street View since October 7th, realize they had it until last Wednesday?

Since Wednesday is the frenzy in Quebec. Everywhere on the web, Facebook and Twitter, people wonder if they recognize their home, their apartment on Google street wiew is now available.
Its hard to tell since the article looks like a lousy translation from the French original, but it seems that in Quebec City nobody was smart enough to notice that every major media outlet in the country (including my Twitter feed which broke the story, and my blog in the post listed above) was talking about Quebec City being live on Google Street View.

Its not surprising. Most of them probably don't know where B.C. is, either. Then again, Squamish, B.C. was unaware of it until sometime last week too. Do they know there's a province called Quebec?


Anonymous said...

I think October 7 is the Wednesday they mean, dumbass.