George W. Bush Video Countdown, #8

Bill Clinton was a coward. You know it, I know it, we all know it. "Meh" said the collective forces of liberal thought and insisted on moving on.

George W. Bush didn't go to Vietnam either. You know it, I know it, and the media wouldn't shut up about it. Neither would the loony left. Of course, in the middle of Rathergate and the embarrasing Microsoft Word-written "memo", nobody noticed that George W. actually volunteered for Vietnam and specifically joined the National Guard in order to fly a plane rather than slog around in infantry. You'll never learn about that if you only read Ken Chapman. Let's face it, Bush loved flying airplanes (chip off the old block, as it were), so how could he resist a chance to fly (at least partly) a fighter jet again and land on a carrier for the first time in his pilot career.

The raw feed of the landing is unavailable, but as we countdown to George W.'s October 20th Edmonton speaking engagement Third Edge of the Sword is able to provide this report from ABC television that includes parts of the President's speech and also his mingling with the troops who continue to love and respect him to this day.