The Chinese Olympics According to a disgraced Alberta lesbo

"Alberta's OK with k.d. after all" screams the Edmonton Journal headline. Er, who decided on this? I still have no use for the dumb sapphist, and am full agreement that k.d. deserved no congrats from our provincial government.

Fifteen years ago, politicians in the provincial legislature voted against sending their best wishes and congratulations for winning a Grammy for her breakout album, Ingenue. The reason, presumably, was her outspoken stance against eating meat, but there was more than a whiff of homophobia in the snub.
Why only a whiff? She rejected conservative politics and beef. Those are the two reasons that Alberta is a great place to live while Manitoba isn't.Anyways, k.d. goes on to bring her Buddhist philosophy into play regarding the Chinese Olympics:
She explains why the rest of the world needs to pay attention to the Chinese suppression of a remote culture.

"It's an ancient heritage that's based in peace and compassion and exists as a working model of a society in peace. The Chinese have done an amazing job of making us forget all about it.
Wait, is this supposed to be the Chinese heritage? Or the Tibetan heritage? The latter is based on being always invaded by somebody, so this may not be the grounds that Lang wants to cling to. Irregardless, the best part of the whole article is coming right up. Are you sitting down?
"But when you invite the world into your house (for the upcoming Olympic Games in Beijing) and you're not ready for people to look in your closet, then don't invite people into your house."
k.d. effing dumbass lang is bringing up people looking in other people's closets? k.d., we'd absolutely have loved it if you'd never shown us what was in your disgusting immoral closet unless we were in your house. Don't think for a second your own closet-peeking history gives you much right to say two words to China about Tibet.

Okay, I lied. One more good tidbit from the Journal article:
Whatever her politics, lang is now undisputedly an Albertan treasure.
Sometimes I wish that the media was more like Wikipedia, and all you would have to do would be dispute a claim like this to make it disappear from print. I dispute it. k.d. lang lives in Los Angeles, and they can bloody well keep it.