So I glanced at the 'recent comments' last night

Um...how the hell did I suddenly get 13 comments on a relatively obscure post I did a few days ago regarding the CBC complaining that The Evil Stephen HarperTM held a press conference in a warehouse (that's not a typo... they are upset over a warehouse, not a whorehouse), mainly because it was a blizzard in Ottawa at the time (or as we call it in Edmonton, a "dusting") and the reporters had difficulty looking up a street address. I mused that it had something to do with lazy journalists, mentally chuckled that even The Simpsons and South Park are doing Google Maps/Mapquest jokes now and almost typed that kind of stuff out, but moved onto vital things like making fun of Britney Spears' sister and the like.

And then suddenly it set a new record over here at Third Edge of the Sword, Inc. (apologies to Garner Andrews), and for the longest time I was left confused as to why.

Here's why. At this point, there are 15 comments to my post. To find 15 comments on previous posts, you have to go all the way back to October 28th and sum up the comments. That's moderately insane.

Just wait 'til I get discovered on Slashdot..