Its times like this make me wish I lived in Quebec

Wow, never thought you'd hear me say that, would you? But what else can you infer after reading these two stories:

Quebec will not harrass drivers for having (perfectly legal) 0.05% Blood-Alcohol Concentration (BAC) as most other provinces do. MAID, as you might expect, is livid. Tell them to go have a freaking drink already.

If that wasn't enough, Quebec also brought in tougher regulations on tasers, requiring police to actually use them to protect somebody's life, not just to make it a little more convenient to take down the Polish guy at the airport. Contrast that to that weakling Stelmach's decision to let corrupt forces like EPS just abuse tasers whenever they felt like it.

So is there nothing that will cure my envy of Quebec? Oh, wait... here it is.