Twelve hours after me, newspapers onto the story

To be fair, they have a lot more information than I did. Also to be fair, they get to interview people and stuff, while I'm literally a guy in pajammas in my basement.

[Lillian] Bich Van Duong, also known as Lily Tran, 23, was shot to death when the Mercedes came under heavy gunfire at Argyll Road and 76 Avenue on Saturday night. "Heavy gunfire" apparently is four bullets, as rumour has it thats all it took. Regardless, I did the early sprinting, and the newspapers are on the marathon trail. This is, of course, the reverse of how blogging is supposed to work, but if you want that you'll turn to an expert. You're here, so this is all you get.

So apparently Pillon is the very-recent boyfriend of the deceased, and the other 18-year old seems to get away with no identification at all. This smells weird to my nose, and I wouldn't be surprised if the other man turns out to be even more gang-affiliated than Pillon (who was on the front page of Monday's SUN looking extremely creepy for a guy who was just shot in the head).

For more on this as it develops, go read a newspaper. I'm moving on.